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GBP Custom Tad Studio Speaker Systems

Recording studios need speaker systems that can be relied upon to give the truth about the sounds and performances under scrutiny during sessions. A speaker system should enhance the sound engineer and music producers ability to evaluate the mix accurately without any over-glorification or false embellishment.

The GBP Custom Speaker systems represent a giant step forward in control room monitor system design. They combine the precision of the latest state of the art TAD driver components with extremely efficient, robust and phase aligned cabinet systems.

The design objectives are simply stated:

  • To provide the flattest possible frequency response at listening positions
  • To provide the most accurate dynamic range at low listening or extremely high sound pressure levels
  • To provide wide dynamic range with the most efficient use of amplifier power
  • Provide ease of installation and setup
  • Provide a variety of finish options and multiple size cabinet configurations for a variety of studio sizes and requirements
  • Provide engineers and producers a reference system consistent with professional standards that they can rely on

There are presently twenty seven (27) large scale GBP Custom Speaker systems installed in world class recording studios in Michigan, New York and California and used daily by professionals such as;

  • Eminem
  • 54 Sound
  • Kid Rock
  • Carl Craig - Planet e
  • Brad Guilderman
  • The Bass Brothers
  • FBT Studios
  • Dr. Dre
  • 50 Cent
  • D12
  • GBP Studios
  • Gideon King
  • Royal House Recording
  • Studio Seven
  • Yessian Music
  • Kevin Saunderson
  • Harmony Park Studios
  • Effigy Recording Studios and many more.

Specifications of the various systems can be found on the Product List page.

Recording Studio Loudspeakers
GBP Powered Mastering Speakers
Includes: Bryston PowerPac 300watt & 60watt Amps