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Working with and through designer and engineer Glenn Brown, we have supplied many regional and national studios and Grammy awarded artists. We build every unit or device according to your specific needs and criteria, using an endless array of materials from woods to metals to laminates, etc.

Kid Rock - Mix Room 1 Diffuser Ceiling Panels
Kid Rock - Mix Room 1 Ceiling Diffuser Panels

“Ken Capton, Owner/Designer/Fabricator, with extensive construction and metals background, has taken acoustical and workstation concepts to the next level. Creating a vibe through design and fabrication. The work speaks for itself.”

“Fabricating and designing components for the Studio recording industries top artists and producers. Mixing the acoustic with the artistic, through endless materials and engineering concepts.”

“Solar 2 applies the goal of acoustical perfection while creating a highly desirable look and vibe.”

Ken Capton’s areas of specialty include:

  • Studio consultation, design and construction
  • Fabrication and installation of acoustical diffusion, absorption, and reflection devices
  • Studio furniture
  • Producer and composer’s desks/consoles
  • Rack units
  • Portable work stations
  • Isolation boxes
  • Speaker cabinets
  • Diffusion Panels