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GBP Studios also specializes in High Definition Mastering and features the PrismSound Dream HD AD8XR Converters.

The almighty ADA-8XR

As well as some of the finest Analog Mastering gear to achieve the highest end result for your music.

A typical mastering session utilizes playback from the PrismSound "Dream HD AD8XR" Converters to an analog chain that most fits the style and needs of the music. After setting the Coloration, Equalization, MS width, Compression (if needed) and the Final Level, the resulting master file is then captured by the PrismSound "Dream" High Definition Analog to Digital converters, assembled as a master CD playlist and burned to a Gold Master CD for delivery. DDP Electronic File delivery is also available if desired. Archival is handled on 35 Year DLT (Digital Linear Tape or LTO).

See our studio "Gear" for a more comprehensive list.